Start Anywhere

Starting anything is a little scary. There’s always some unknowable-ness to it, even if you have all the information; the map directions, the instructions, the know-how — it’s still scary. Sometimes the fear is enough to stop you from starting at all.

But the funny thing about starting is that once you do, it’s really not so bad. Once you take the first giant leap, the other jumps don’t seem so far. It’s all logical of course — with each step you know a little bit more, you chip away at that unknowable-ness. And Newton’s first law of motion and all that. But it’s a gut thing too. As people we want to know that the ground beneath us is stable. If it isn’t, we can sense it.

The fear side of things is where I’ve lived for a long time. I wanted to create something that was just mine, something to showcase my passion, to express my opinions, to stand up in the middle of the world and shout “I AM A WRITER.” But I was too scared to start. I didn’t know how or when or where.

But I’m starting now. Via this post, at 12:03 a.m., on my parents’ couch in Montgomery, Alabama.